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WHD Scholars Benefits:

  • Advocates develop, review and regularly update personalized academic plans based on students’ transcripts, career pathway planning, post-secondary goals.
  • Perform systematic assessments to monitor progress towards those goals.
  • Access to wide-ranging resources.

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You are not defined by your surroundings!

Imposter Syndrome by Robert Cain

College Admissions for High Shool Students

How to get the most from a College Fair Kit

Sports Advocate: Why Sports and Academics are Equally Important

How to land the perfect job!

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2020 WHD Student Star Profile:
          J. Taylor

Graduating Class '2023'
University of California, Los Angeles

Ms. Taylor started with the Foundation in 2016. She worked hard at school while participating in our workshops, clinics, tours, customized one on one sessions still maintaining her GPA at a very competitive high school in Corona, CA. She received acceptance into her top 3 college choices and picked her #1 choice. We are very proud of Ms. Taylor for her hard work and dedication to her post-secondary goals. Get ready Bruins, Ms. Taylor is in the house!!

This movement must be continually nurtured and preserved. Not just for ourselves but for the benefit of those yet to be born...Browder Report