"Shed light on the path and the Journey is easy." ...Pennie Douglas

Scholarships are one of the most important elements in going to college. With college costs going up, attaining scholarships are vital in being able to attend the college of your choice. As of now, scholarships should be your second job. Always apply for Financial Aid through FAFSA each college going year. In addition, whether you are a freshman in high school or a senior in college, you should always be looking and applying for scholarships.

Be careful when applying for scholarships. Don't pay money for financial aid or any scholarship application fee. Just think, if you are looking for money to pay for college, why would you spend money? When applying for scholarships never give out your credit card information, bank account, social security number or any bank PIN numbers.

There are four major categories for scholarships.

Most students use and BigFuture for their scholarship search, the challenge is that every student in America is using that site. Try applying for local scholarships first, then branching out. As I mentioned earlier apply often.

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